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Industry Sectors
We’re committed to addressing business and societal challenges by bringing together expertise and problem-solving capabilities in secure connected intelligence in key sectors, including: cyber security, digital health, agri-food, space and wireless. 

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Discover how you can collaborate with Momentum One Zero to leverage our expertise and resources for mutual growth and innovation. We welcome industry partnerships, research and innovation collaborations, and more.

Hubs of Impact 
Momentum One Zero has developed multiple Hubs of Impact comprising multidisciplinary teams across different verticals solving the most pressing technological challenges. 

Check out our current projects to gain an insight into the impactful initiatives underway at Momentum One Zero. Learn how these projects benefit companies and stakeholders while driving technological advancements.

Momentum One Zero is committed to bridging the gap between research, innovation, and real-world impact. Join us in shaping a brighter future through innovation and collaboration.