Hubs of Impact

The Hubs of Impact are a dynamic series of innovation clusters, each designed to harness the transformative power of secure connected intelligence and advanced digital technologies. Situated in a burgeoning Innovation District, these hubs bring together companies with research expertise and engineering capability in Momentum One Zero to deliver interdisciplinary innovation  solving pressing global challenges and driving economic growth.

Creating Impact Through Challenge-Led Innovation

At the core of the Hubs of Impact is the principle of challenge-led innovation. By aligning our research and development activities with the needs of industries and communities, we create solutions that are both impactful and sustainable. Each hub serves as a nexus for creativity and experimentation, where innovative ideas are developed and refined into practical applications that offer long-term benefits to society.

Envisioning a Future of Collaborative Innovation

Our hubs operate on the cutting edge of technology, where academia, industry, and community stakeholders converge to foster innovation that not only addresses immediate business and societal needs, but also anticipate future challenges. This collaborative environment is tailored to catalyse breakthroughs in key growth sectors such as cybersecurity, digital health, and agri-food technologies.

Driving Economic and Civic Value

These hubs are not just centres of technological advancement but are also pivotal in driving economic and civic values. Through targeted research and strategic partnerships, the hubs aim to catalyse job creation and clustering, enhance regional and global competitiveness, and foster an ecosystem of continuous innovation and growth.

The Vision for Tomorrow

The ultimate goal of the Hubs of Impact is to establish a framework for sustainable economic development that leverages the strengths of digital technologies to create a resilient, prosperous future. By investing in these hubs, we are not only advancing technology but also building a legacy of innovation that will benefit generations to come.

What Does Success Look Like at Momentum One Zero?

Success for us means:

  • Creating a vibrant Innovation District co-locating with partnering companies, hosting impactful projects (Example Flock focus <this will be linked to Flockfocus page>
  • Delivering tangible outcomes that benefit society at large, addressing skills challenges, and focusing on long-term value.
  • Innovating through a sustainability lens, making the Belfast region a beacon for digital and data-driven innovation globally.

Join us in advancing digital technologies through collaborative, challenge-driven innovation, crafting a brighter and more interconnected future for all.