Industry Sectors

At Momentum One Zero, we're committed to extending our expertise in Secure Connect Intelligence to play a vital role in essential sectors such as Health, Agri-Food, Cyber Security, Defence & Space, FinTech, and Net-Zero.


We are revolutionising the resilience, sustainability, and integrity of food systems. Through our partnership with the Institute for Global Food Security we help agrifood companies to navigate and exploit their data and adopt innovative technologies.

From novel precision sensors, real-time video analytics, wireless data transfer, artificial intelligence and data security, to research excellence in agricultural and environmental resistance, animal health and welfare, food integrity and nutrition and preventative medicine we provide companies with new knowledge and actionable insights from their data to deliver a competitive edge.

Cyber AI

Momentum One Zero will focus on the application of responsible AI to existing/new products and services in cybersecurity. Working with local startups, SMEs, and multinational companies, we will develop and apply AI models to a range of cybersecurity domains, including the security of 6G wireless networks, open-source threat intelligence, trusted devices, context-aware software vulnerability detection, and cloud and industrial control system security. By creating a hub of impact, we will make the digital innovation district the go-to place globally for research and innovation in Cyber-AI.

Defence & Space

The traditional Land, Sea and Air theatres of operations are increasingly merging with Space and CEMA (Cyber & Electromagnetic Activities), two domains in which research and development of deep tech is performed at M1.0. Our researchers have also worked for over 20 years on antenna systems and technologies funded by ESA.

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Doctor examining patient scan on screen

Digital Health

The future of health care innovation is digital. From Artificial Intelligence characterising novel antibodies and proteins that target the molecular basis of disease, to distributed clinical trials ensuring access to the very latest innovations, and digital platforms that realise the promise of patient centred shared decision making. M1.0 will continuously drive the cutting edge of security and connectivity research, to drive step changes in the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and equity of health care in the UK, and around the world.


AI is poised to revolutionise the digital fintech ecosystem in the region by enhancing automation, risk management analytics, and false positive reduction in fraud detection.

By leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies imbued with financial theory, financial institutions can offer more personalized, secure, and efficient services, attracting investments and fostering economic growth. The collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and government under the City Deal will catalyse innovation, making Belfast a hub for fintech excellence and creating high-value jobs.


We are driving a net zero society through the development of disruptive technologies to support robust measure, report and verification (MRV) processes which monitor and benchmark greenhouse gas emissions and environmental performance in real-time.

From novel antenna systems and precision sensors to world leading environmental, and cyber and physical security research we provide the tools and actionable insights to transparently and accurately set and report on net zero targets.

Semiconductor Security

Semiconductors are fundamental to so many technologies that underpin our way of life. Global uncertainty has highlighted the need to ensure semiconductor security from the design stage through to interconnectivity and assurance of provenance throughout the entire chip lifecycle.  The need to address semiconductor security presents multiple challenges and opportunities.  Leveraging existing cyber expertise and working closely with industry, the aim is to address the fundamental issues and future needs whilst seeking to grow skills capacity.  By making Northern Ireland a hub of impact in semiconductor technologies it is envisaged that this will contribute to national security and well-being whilst enhancing economic growth and reputational benefit for the region.